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Our Sustainability Commitment

Our Sustainability Commitment


Don’t worry about what’s in your face wash. That’s what we do.

You care about what you put on your skin. We do too. Our Safety and Care Commitment to you includes a rigorous safety process, ethical principles, and ongoing communication about our products. If you see our name on a product, you can trust that the ingredients in it are safe and effective when used as directed.


Partnering for Palm Oil

Since launching our Responsible Palm Oil Sourcing Criteria, we have engaged all of our leading suppliers representing nearly 85% of our palm oil derivatives supply, and have entered into a partnership with The ForestTrust (TFT) to assist us with implementing our sourcing criteria. Our goal is to fully implement our sourcing criteria by year-end 2020.


Bathroom trash filling up? Those empty bottles can be recycled.

You cringe every time you walk by a trashcan without a recycling option. Why is your bathroom any different? Visit Care To Recycle® to learn how to create adorable DIY projects with your leftover Neutrogena containers and how to get every last drop out of your beauty products. Oh, and we’ll let you know what to recycle and where to recycle it if you need a refresher.


Excess waste? Thumbs down. This scorecard keeps us on track.

At Neutrogena we think product stewardship is imperative to success. That’s why we use our EARTHWARDS® Approach to develop innovative products that reduce waste and use more sustainable materials. In fact, our goal is to have EARTHWARDS®-recognized products reflect 20 percent of Kenvue revenue by 2020! Because one way we help you live a healthier life is by helping us all have a healthy environment.


Fish won’t be swimming in your shampoo this summer thanks to us.

What happens when you wash a Neutrogena product off your body and it enters the water system? As little as possible, thanks to the Global Aquatic Ingredient Assessment, or GAIA. This assessment allows us to score each ingredient in our products and help us ensure that they are gentle on the environment long after you’re done using them.